The main Agrinol conception of the lubricating materials manufacturing is a high quality manufacturing based on intensive technologies; local providing technological units with energy; atmosphere pollution minimization and total exclusion of production sewage flows.

The major production is located in a large-panel pavilion building with 3 456 m2 total area. The control and analytical measuring laboratory, research laboratory, metal and electromechanical workshops, rest-rooms and administrative technical premises are located in a three-storeyed building with 1 080 m2 total area.

The production includes technological units, raw material reservoir park for fluid oils, storage premises for dry raw and a warehouse.

Technological units allow to produce a wide range of lubricating materials:
- plastic lubricants (calcium hydrated, complex calcium, sodium, lithium, complex lithium, lubricants with the mineral ingredients, etc.);
- water-soluble lubricating and cooling liquids (LCL) and oil lubricating and cooling technological products (LCTP);
- alloyed industrial oils (for general purpose, hydraulics, rolling mills, machines, heavily-loaded friction units, etc.); 
- transmission oils;
- energy oils (turbine and compressor).

Technological units are equipped with the minimal amount of the major and assisting machines that provide an accomplishment of industrial tasks. Production method is based on the periodical operations division between standard commonly-accepted machines upgraded by our own «KNOW-HOW» and the constructed original devices for a specific technological operation. Technological operations conducting by these reconstructed and newly created devices became up to 10 times faster compared to typical open machines. Machines are installed on two technological levels (typical allocation implies 3-4 levels).

  Technological procedures system excludes the technological lines evaporation that guarantees neatness of the utilized materials and reagents as well as absence of liquid wastes.

 The local detection and condensation systems prevent water vapor and oil particles evaporation from technological devices and so minimize atmosphere pollution and provide units with condensate water.

  In lubricating materials production LLC RU SIE Agrinol mostly uses raw materials of Ukrainian manufacturers, and in case of necessity the company buys the best samples of leading foreign firms.

The manufacturing of lubricants for particularly important areas (railways, mines, etc.) is attested by the certification system UkrSEPRO, that can be confirmed by «The manufacture inspection Certificate» №01-04 of 22.01.2003 and «PRODUCTION CERTIFICATE» №UA3. 110.0124-04 of 1.03.2004.