Oils & Greases for Continuous Casting Machines

Reliability of work under extreme pressures and temperatures

Continuous Casting Machine

AGRINOL lubricant complex for CCM (Continuous Casting Machine) are the products of the Premium-class, the best parity “Price-Quality”, quick return of investments due to the increased productivity and the reduced downtime of the equipment.

ref_list_en.jpg Company Agrinol has not only an extensive range of the industrial lubricants, but also a number of R&D solutions to create products of impeccable quality.

Technological and Research departments solve questions of application of new developments at knots and mechanisms of CCM (Continuous Casting Machine) and rolling mills of the metallurgical enterprises.

For a decade of joint work with the users of the metallurgical equipment the specialists of our company have acquired invaluable experience in the field of tribology and lubricants used in industry and other branches of a national economy.

Oils & Greases for Continuous Casting Machines

Hundreds of metallurgical enterprises receive a positive economic effect, using our technological solutions, professionally tailored to the specific operating conditions of industrial equipment. These solutions help to increase productivity and adaptability, ensuring the highest reliability of equipment and machinery.

The capital-intensive industrial equipment should always be in working condition. This is achieved by quality of the equipment itself, and also by the professional and timely service. In operation of the industrial equipment there is no place for accidents. Bearings in steel industry are subject to intense wear, influence of extreme temperatures and water, therefore special demands are made to their reliability and professionalism in the field of lubrication.