Tin packing 1А1U-20



-tin drum with a tight upper bottom 10 - 25 dm³ - complete with a locking device with a telescopic neck, and device and

 a first opening fuse;

- tin drum with removable top bottom 10-25 dm³ - is equipped with a lid of the "petal" type or a removable cover complet 

with a clamping ring with a lever lock and a plastic clamp, which is an additional degree of protection. 

The advantage of this lid is that it can be reused.

High-quality, ergonomic and reliable packaging is designed for a wide range of products: all kinds of paints, oils and greases,

 solvents, adhesives and much more. Crimp rings and locking devices can be galvanized or painted with a protective coating. 

All removable parts of drums (bottom, hoops, covers, etc.) - are interchangeable