The Laboratory

 The LLC RU SIE Agrinol control and analytical laboratory is located in a domestic space. Working premises occupy total area of 216 m2, utility rooms (storage rooms for chemical glassware, reagents, arbitration samples) of 86m2.   The laboratory’s premises meet the normative documentation requirements, including the requirements for labor and environmental protection. The laboratory is fully provided with normative technical documentation. Measuring equipment and devices are regularly tested by the State Standardization and Metrology Agencies.  

The laboratory is provided with highly qualified specialists with a great experience in the oil and collateral products quality control testing. The laboratory carries out the raw materials quality control, chemical control of technological operations, and certification of finished products. The laboratory provides other organizations with the analysis of experimental researches, various analysis of lubricating materials on a contract basis. 

The LLC RU SIE Agrinol control and analytical laboratory meets all the necessary requirements for quality control measuring of oil products and raw materials for lubricating production. This fact can be confirmed by the accreditation results of Zaporozhye State Standardization, Metrology and Certification Center ("Accreditation Certificate" №18/022-03 of 03.10.2003).